TRIPSTIX launch new inflatable SUP range


German company TRIPSTIX got in touch about a new range of inflatable SUPs that they are launching.  We have been looking and trying inflatable SUPs since way back when and we know that there are many compelling reasons to own one so it is nice to see another company bringing a product to the market.

Here is the press release.

Now that the first sun rays are strengthening, Europe starts to long for outdoor activities again. Whoever goes to the lake or sea, will spot the many people on their surf boards – since stand-up-paddleboarding has easily integrated among the range of mass sports and ever after cannot be assumed away off bathing lakes.

As a spin-off of TU Munich we, TRIPSTIX, have been developing an all-new technology for inflatable stand-up-paddleboards over the last 3 to 4 years which is already patent-applied and has been honored with the ISPO BRANDNEW AWARD as well as the EDISON AWARD.

TRIPSTIX Boards are distinguish by a high level of performance due to their stiffness and shape, rivaling those of classic surfboards made out of composite materials and providing more safety than traditional iSUPs thanks to a second floatable chamber that inflates twice as fast as classic iSUPs and – at the same time – are as comfortable to transport and store.

These advantages are allowed due to the all new and patent registered Two-Chamber  Technology. All boards consist of each an air- and vacuum chamber. Whilst the air chamber brings along the shape, the granule filled chamber provides stiffness and stability when the vacuum is generated. The vacuum tubes replace the stringer in traditional surfboards. This innovative technology can be applied on all different shapes of a surfboard.

Tripstix inflatable SUP construction
Tripstix inflatable SUP construction

The market entry will take place in June 2017  as a crowdfunding campaign on