Stand Up World Tour hits Fiji


We get a lot of press releases at and this one is has it all, great pictures, a great SUP event and lots to aspire to.  The only bit we really don’t get is how an event in 2011 can be the first event of the Stand Up World Tour 2012.  Weird.  The big news is that the Stand Up World Tour used to be a surfing only tour, in 2012 they are going to crown distance racers and surf slalom racers, so that should broaden the appeal to non costal folks!  Anyway here are all the details:

Namotu World Paddle Challenge presented by Air Pacific

The final countdown is now underway for the launch of the 2012 Stand Up World Series with the spectacular Namotu World Paddle Challenge Fiji, presented by Air Pacific. Held in the magnificent surroundings that only Fiji can provide, the Namotu World Paddle Challenge will welcome the very best paddlers in the world to its shores from November 13th – 18th, 2011.

Stand Up World Tour 2012 Fiji

The InterContinental Resort to play host to the kids


The beautiful InterContinental Resort will host a unique youth clinic based on the original Na kama Kai clinics, providing both underprivileged and other Fijian youth with an opportunity to get on a board and experience the wonders of Stand Up Paddling at the pristine Natadola Beach in the company ofthe sport’s legends.

All the attention will then turn to the hotel itself for the authentic Cultural Opening Ceremony in true Fijian style, in the presence of the athletes, the organization and Fijian dignitaries and sponsors of this groundbreaking event.


The Race to Namotu: a spectacular 19 mile downwind epic


Monday 14th November will play host to the first dramatic challenge of the Namotu World Paddle Challenge presented by Air Pacific, as the athletes embark on a 19 mile downwind race from the InterContinental Resor at Natadola Beach to Namotu Island.

Following some of the most beautiful coastline in the world, this 1st leg of Stop 1 on the 2012 Stand Up World Series will challenge the athletes endurance, ocean riding skills and racing expertise, as amongst the very best paddlers in the world will battle it out for the top spot.

Competing on the Official Stand Up World Series 12’6 class, the athletes will have to dig deep to cross the line first….stay tuned to for the highlights from this epic race.

SUP downwinder race

Namotu Surf Slalom: intense World Series sprint racing


Following the success of the Sprint slalom racing showcased at the North Shore Paddle Challenge at Turtle Bay Resort, the blueprint has been set for the Stand Up World Series and adopted for this exciting leg of the Namotu World Paddle Challenge presented by Air Pacific.

Athletes will have to punch out through the surf and round buoys both inside and outside of the surf zone in the creation of a spectacular action showdown that will keep the spectators on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

The heat elimination format will keep the battles intense and draw to a dramatic conclusion at the end of the day as not only the winner of this exciting component of the Namotu World Paddle Challenge will be crowned, but also the overall Champion for Stop 1 of the 2012 Stand Up World Series following the completion of both long distance and sprint races.

Stand Up Paddle Surf slalom race

Elite athletes are now starting to congregate in Fiji

As we are now just days away from the grand opening of the Namotu World Paddle Challenge, an elite crew of athletes is now starting to arrive aboard Air Pacific flights in the paradise that is the beautiful Fijian Islands.

As we witnessed in Hawaii, California and beyond, the young guns are taking the lead in both stand up paddle racing and surfing, as they make their presence felt in all aspects of the sport.

In particular, the Maui hotbed of talent will be represented here in Fiji by the likes of Connor Baxter, Kai Lenny, Slater Trout and Zane Schweitzer, while the exceptionally talented waterman from the north shore of Oahu, Noa Ginella, will also be in attendance and be looking to assert his authority over the Mauians.

Also attending are athletes from the US, Australia and New Zealand, with leading female Kiwi, Annabel Felicity Anderson making the hop over to Fiji to stake her claim to the throne. All these athletes will be looking for a good result here in Fiji to make their presence felt and gain vital qualification points early in the season on the 2012 Stand Up World Series.


Stay tuned for the highlights, to be hosted by Dave Kalama


Stay tuned to for the latest news and highlights from the Namotu World Paddle Challenge presented by Air Pacific. With deep roots here at Namotu, none other than ocean sports legend Dave Kalama himself will be on hand to bring you the latest news from the event as the action unfolds here in Fiji.


Dave Kalama Stand Up Paddling


Cloudbreak exhibition to feature the world’s elite surfers


The Cloudbreak exhibition will feature some of the world’s most celebrated and top level stand up paddlesurfers in a media driven showdown at this infamous surf spot deep in the South Pacific.

From 2 x World Champion Kai Lenny, to Contender Zane Schweitzer and also featuring legend, Dave Kalama himself, the showdown will be a showcase of the very best stand up paddlesurfing in the pristine conditions found here in Fiji, laying the foundations for the future.

He will be able to bring you his perspective on the action, the athletes and the competition as he witnesses history in the making with the exciting launch of the global competition platform that will crown its first ever racing World Champion in 2012.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Cloud Break Fiji