Stand Up World Tour – Anglet, France

stand up world tour

Despite struggling with conditions that have gone from pretty classic to completely flat the Stand Up World Tour, in Anglet, France, now has announced the trialists that have made it through the surfing heats and have got into the second round of the main event.

From the sources that we have down in France it appears that French man Antoine Delpro (the current ISA World Longboard champion) was absolutely ripping, racking up the best score of the contest so far of 17.80/20 (the indivdual wave scores were 9.23 and 8.66).

British SUPer John Hibbard has advanced through, he is now the last Brit waving the flag, go John ! Gareth Grant had a bad deal getting knocked out earlier in the trials, by all accounts his heat was held in flat conditions, so they rescheduled it three days later, then cancelled it, so he was not a happy bunny.  Fingers crossed that the conditions improve for the final days.

Here is some video of the action:

SUWT 2010 -France- Day 5 Highlights from Waterman League on Vimeo.

Competitors advancing into the second round of the main event:

Kai Lenny, Brandon Rambo, Robin Johnston, Benoit Breque, Antoine Delpro, Jeremy Massiere, Chris Bertesh, Laurent Pujol, Colin McPhillips, John Hibbard, Duane Desoto, Remi Arauzo, Kainoa McGee, Eric Torrier, Peyo Lizarazu and Xabi Lafitte.