Stand Up Paddle Surfing is big in Maui

2xs in Maui

Simon has sent through another update from Maui, while also trying to depress me by showing me the view from the back garden of the house he is staying in.  Here is the latest from Simon :

SUP riding in Maui is catching on big time. Every day we can see loads of people passing our beach house riding big sup boards traveling from up wind of Hookipa down to Kanaha beach.

Normally there isn’t much wind in the morning but right now its around 25 knots first thing and there are still loads of stand up paddle surf riders. Many of the stores have fully rented out all their sup boards, equipment is in short supply.

I did my first downwinder from Baldwin beach park yesterday in around 30 knots of wind –not a massive swell running but good enough to get some rides .There is a lot of guys riding the big 14 to 16 ft distance boards.  There are so many new brands emerging at the moment, it really is the beginning of something big. I hope to be riding Kihei in the next few days as there is a nice new well due to arrive later this week.

When I went windsurfing this afternoon I always had to watch for hitting turtles, as they pop up randomly when you are out on the water. Right now its paddles surfers who are cruising inside and outside the breaks.

Maui Paddle Surfer
Simon paddling at the end of the garden
maui garden view
Windsurfing in the afternoon.