Stand Up Paddle Surfing Dublin, Ireland – with a twist

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Dublin Ireland

Our friends from SurfDock in Ireland have sent over this stand up paddle video which made us all gather round the office computer and go “woah”. Usually it takes Laird Hamilton or Blane Chambers pulling into a huge heaving South Pacific barrel to make us drop everything, but this is very cool.

The regular ferries going in and out of the Harbour a Dublin create a perfect SUP wave (and it is bigger than you would think as well). The Irish stand up paddle surfers ride the wave, it seems for a long way in. Just goes to show you can find surf waves in Rivers, Harbours and hopefully soon in your own wave garden.

Colin from SurfDock tells me that the longest ride, measured on GPS, was 2mins 30secs. Get out there!

Enjoy the video!