Stand Up Paddle Surfing at Sennon Cove with Dave Parmenter

Dave Parmenter

In October 2008 Dave Parmenter and Ted Rutherford came over to the UK to explore the coastline. Ted is a pilot for American Airlines and has frequently flown over the UK and looked down at the waves, wondering whether the breaks are surfable. Ted and Dave hooked up with Tim Mellors and Adam Zervas in Cornwall and went to explore Sennon Cove, a well known surf break.

They spotted a reef breaking about a mile off shore and decided to check it out. Ted continues the story :

Tim paddles out, the reef is in the distance.
Tim paddles out, the reef is in the distance.

We were told that this is the first time that this spot was ridden on Stand Up Paddle boards. we were trying to get Tim Mellors into the first wave so that he could name it… He aborted his takeoff, so Dave Parmenter got the first one. Here is wave number 6 with Dave on it.

[youtube: 425 355]

The spot is an out cropping of rocks almost a mile out from Sennen Bay; the wind was very strong and it was hard just to stay standing. Tim wanted to name it Ted’s Reef, because I almost became one with it when I took off too close to the rocks and came near to getting a granite enema! I told him that I was not worthy of this and that the reef deserved a much better name, especially how unique it was.

Dave solved this by naming it "Klausmeyer’s" after the great left that breaks in the south part of Makaha Bay. This spot is extremely picturesque and one of the many reasons that your country is Stand Up Paddle Surfing Heaven!

Paddling out
Paddling out
The Reef
The Reef in all its glory
A set comes through
A set comes through
Adam, Ted, Dave and Tim
Adam, Ted, Dave and Tim outside the mens club.

Thanks alot to Ted Rutherford for the photos and video