Review of the MacWet AquaTec Gloves

MacWet Gloves

Claire Blacklock, the current UK ladies Stand Up Paddle Surfing champion recently took delivery of a pair of Mac Wet gloves. Mac Wet are an established brand with clay pigeon shoots, horse riders, cyclists, golf and with certain branches of the military. Andrew from MacWet got in touch with SUPGlobal as he was wondering if the gloves would work for stand up paddle boarding.

Claire Blacklock

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of MacWet gloves by the guys at MacWet to trial and feed back to them on their performance. Advertised as containing a responsive material that guarantees professional grip in all conditions MacWet gloves are already used for many sporting disciplines from show jumping and golf to shooting. Since being sent the gloves it’s been a tad too cold for using them for paddling so I have been taking advantage of them whilst on my bike. And I have to say they do grip really well and I don’t feel the wind whistling through, though thermal they are not!

This morning for the first time I decided to brave the icy water and try them whilst going for a distance paddle in the beautiful sunshine. I have to say though their daily use over the past few weeks the gloves did seem to have got a little looser and when they got wet I did for a second or two long for my thick wetsuit gloves. That was until I started paddling. The grip when wet is incredible and they are so light weight you don’t feel like you have them on at all. I can see them really coming into their own as the weather (and water) warms up a little.

When I got back, I washed them through at the same time as my wetsuit a little concerned that the salt water would harden them. Trying them on again any looseness has gone and they are as new. The packaging does tell you to wash them to maintain their performance and I see their point.

MacWet Gloves come in plenty of sizes so getting them to fit you shouldn’t be an issue and if you are looking for a light weight good gripping glove to wear whilst paddling then these are definitely worth looking at.

Second Opinion – Matt Argyle

I got hold of a pair of the MacWet gloves in February, Andrew from MacWet had already informed me that they would not offer alot of warmth in the cold winter seas, so for afew weeks I wore them as you would a normal pair of gloves. The gloves are designed to be very fitted, you need to measure your palm to get the right fit, which means they feel very fitted and snug.

I am not adverse a a bit of shooting, so I took them down to my local range and they were great, sensitive on the trigger and were warm enough for the winter evenings, but this was not why we had the gloves! As soon as the weather looked sunny I ditched the neoprene winter gloves and put on the MacWets to put them through their paces on the water.

I had managed to keep the gloves dry for the first mile or so, and although the gloves were nice, I was left thinking what is the fuss about ? Then I stopped to take some pictures and the gloves got wet as I was picking up my paddle. The grip they then offered was amazing, the only, very unflattering comparison I can think of is when you use a rubber washing up glove to open a reluctant jar. They were comfortable and grippy for the 8 mile paddle that I did that day, when getting out of the water I picked up my board, on an unwaxed section, where your wet hand would normally slip off, and they managed to maintain a vice like grip on the rail. Pretty darn good.

If you want a pair of gloves to protect your hands and give you extra grip I would not hesitate to recommend the MacWet. What would be really great is if they could offer a pair that has uses 3mm neoprene with the same palm grip, so that I could use them in the winter, I would buy a pair of those in a heart beat and get rid of the old winter gloves that allows no sensitivity or grip, and I suspect that I would not be alone as these would really appeal to surfers, windsurfers, sailors, kite surfers, kayakers etc.

The gloves retail for around £28-30 depending on the model you select.

Website : MacWet Gloves