New Boards In – New Boards Out Sundays Session


What a week!! The new ULI Fat Ass gets officially launched and I think – that’s got to be worth a wiggle – a 9’3″ x 33″ that looks like it surf’s reasonably well and with a few ‘D’ rings added to the front should take a fishing box and at 33″ wide ought to be stable enough to double up for that task. Theoretically that means I can get away with just taking one inflatable away with me regardless of conditions and maybe make some use of it through the summer at home as well. The fishing is something that I have been meaning to play around with a bit more and the heavier built FAQ should lend itself nicely to that.

So – I need to sell an inflatable and one thing for sure – it’s not going to be the MUNOZ. Having tentatively punted the prospect of letting the Lopez go Gary, a recent SUP convert expressed an interest in trying it, he currently rides a Starboard Element. I got the impression that he was quite impressed with it, so impressed in fact that he opted for a FAT ASS as well – bugger!! Fortunately at the same time Jussi, who we met in Costa Rica asked if I knew where he might get a used ULI. Sometimes things just fall into place.

So that was that – I was selling the Lopez, getting an ULI FAT ASS and had sort of resigned myself to stepping up to the mark regarding the HOKUA 9’0 that I had just bought before Christmas. I mean the board is ace and with the bigger fins and thruster set up I knew that it would be fine with time and patience. Having said that I got Whippet from Willis surf boards to put the FCS plug needed for the Go Pro on my old 9’3 Hokua.


Email from  Naish Sales Heaven –

“Hey Fatboy – the Mana 9’0 has just arrived – make up your mind cos if you don’t have it someone else will”

Double Bugger – There is no way that I’m getting that past the shed door – in fact now that I’ve got a Fat Ass I don’t need it anyway – so you can stuff that in your HOKUA board bag that doesn’t fit – what do you think I am STUPID? How many boards do you think I need?

Reply to Naish Heaven

‘Ughh yeh ok – I’ll have it, can you give me a few weeks to move on the 9’0 Hokua first?


This is going to cost me – but if I keep the 9′ Hokua and don’t use it that’s just daft! Better to take a hit while it’s new and get what I wanted in the first place.


Quick add on the forums – SupGlobal and Standuppaddlesurf UK and I reckon it must have taken all of 20minutes before someone who is obviously as afflicted, affected and patently SUP sick as I am sent me that magic “I’ll have it” email. We can work out the finer details later.


As I said sometimes things just fall into place, got to say it though decent kit pays off in the long run.


So – the surfing?


We have had an amazingly consistent run of swell recently – must be at least two weeks straight with waves that have been lighting up all the sheltered ‘secret spots’ – trouble is there aren’t that many secret spots any more, last Sunday we were out house hunting and counted 50 surfers tucked away in a little corner that 5 years ago you could guarantee having quietly to yourself and a few mates when the big south westerlies kick in.


All week I was watching the forecasts and although it was consistently showing at 10’+ with looooonnnnggg swell period (for us) 12 – 17 seconds the winds were banging through at 20 – 40mph on the Sundays that I was up for it. That’s half the problem with going away and getting three weeks of solid perfection – I just don’t feel too inclined to get up early on a Sunday morning to get a full sinus rinse with 9-10 degree water. Jeez I must be getting soft!!


This Sunday was different – wind was going southerly – big spring tides with a 7am high and it was all looking good for a bash at Hayle rivermouth. This mark used to be capable of insanely long rights up the river when everywhere else was closing out. Just going out the door thinking I ought to text Gav but spookily I don’t have a board to lend him when I got a text from Phil –


“Just heading to the Bluff (Rivermouth)”


Fumble fumble –


‘So am I’


Not really much of a conversationalist me!!!


Quick change – bolt on the GoPro – sort of a bit embarrassed about doing that – hope nobody sees me – don’t expect fireworks – I’m a bit shit – What??


Down the path with Sam on her Sup and Phil who took his longboard out – they swapped about a bit you can spot them in some of the slides later – yeh I know more slideshow stuff – to be honest I thought I had it set up for video but being a bit of a milky eyed old codger I still don’t really know how it’s menu works yet.



Long and short of the session was I paddled out in the River to the Bar took a couple of steep ones and paid for it paddled back in to where everyone else was and wished that I had stayed outside. Chest to head high closeouts beating the crap out of everyone in cold grey shallow water – not ideal, certainly not the epic session that I thought it was going to be but good fun and a filthy good excuse to listen to the Verve Lucky Man as sound track to my slideshow, unfortunately there is an issue with the track with you tube so . . . . Have some Radiohead.
Next up new board stuff – and hopefully I should be back on plan to sort my quiver out with my cunning masterplan. Boards that are easy and fun to surf in most conditions and don’t make me wish that I was on something else. Used 9’3 Hokua anyone ?? – Only kidding?
Mana Fat Ass Mana Fat Ass Mana FatAss – Twat!!