Kai Lenny wins SUWT event in France


Kai Lenny has done it again! The wonderkid of the stand up world tour has powered through the final of the French event. Read the full details below..

The Finals ended in epic fashion here at the Naish La Torche Pro, presented by O’Neill: with two spectacular semi finals that saw Kai Lenny and Antoine Delpero oust Manu Portet and Xabi Lafitte and the other that saw Leco Salazar and Sean Poynter narrowly take out Robin Johnston and Carlos Bahia, the Final was set to be the climactic international showdown that the assembled crowd had hoped for – one American, one Hawaiian, one Brazilian and one Frenchman, the cultural mix had been assured!

Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny ripping

As the half hour Finals kicked off, Kai Lenny shifted into overdrive with 2 of the highest scoring waves of the contest right off the bat, comboing all the other finalists within minutes. Leco Salazar then stepped up to put together a couple of great waves to catch up, but not enough to overcome Kai Lenny’s impressive debut. Antoine Delpero failed to find the waves or the form from his semi final and quarter final heats, but nonetheless put together a couple of good waves – but again, not enough to overcome Kai’s impressive heat total. And finally the American Sean Poynter failed to find the form he had through the event, but did manage to put together a couple of impressive moments through the heat.


Antoine Delpero

So in the end, it was the World Champion and current World rankings leader that stole the show, followed by Brazilian Leco Salazar, France’s Antoine Delpero and the American Sean Poynter. An epic close to an epic performance. The final award was the Air Tahiti Nui Biggest move award and in the end, it was Antoine Delpero’s incredible boost from the quarter finals that earned the coveted Air Tahiti Nui award, and his free ticket to Tahiti. Congratulations to everyone involved and another chapter is written in the ever evolving story of the Stand Up World Tour. Stay tuned for the highlights to come right here at www.standupworldtour.com and for news on the next event, the Sapinus Pro presented by Air Tahiti Nui that will take place in Tahiti from the 28th May – 5th June.

Kai Lenny wins in France in 2011