Imagine Eco Wave Rider Stand Up Paddle Board Video Review


In October 2009 we spent some time in Cornwall filming some stand up paddle board reviews. This is the Eco Imagine Wave Rider review.


We filmed this stand up paddle board review at Watergate Bay in Cornwall, home to the Watergate Bay Hotel and the Extreme Academy, many thanks to them for all their help !

The Eco Imagine waverider board is an interesting stand up paddle board.  It is heavier than the production boards that have been constructed using a mold (i.e. most stand up paddle boards that come from a windsurfing factory), however the extra weight does help get you down the face of waves and does not seem to affect the performance.  The wave rider stand up paddle board has been constructed using sustainable and low toxin foam and glass, which means it is kinder the the environment too.

We should thank Nick Mallabar from System X who gave us the board to review.