Curve Stand Up Paddle Board Carrying Sling

Curve Sling

Simon from Curve got in touch with us about a new product that they have designed called “Sling”. Essentially it is a carrying device with alot of extras to make getting to the beach easier. I took it out on a very windy day to give it a test run. It was blowing about 30 knots off shore, normally this make carrying a stand up paddle board a near impossible task. Would the sling measure up ?


Pros Cons
  • Very well made
  • Comfortable to use
  • Handy Pocket for wetsuit
  • Easy to get onto the board
  • Hard to find retailers in the UK at the moment


A question that I am often asked, after the initial interest in stand up paddle surfing is “how do you carry that thing ?”. The answer is always that it is not so bad, as long as it is not too windy. Lets face it stand up paddle boards are big beasts and while good carry technique will allow you to carry a board easily in non windy conditions, once that wind starts howling it becomes an interesting experience.

My wife has always been interested in giving SUP a go, but at 5ft 6′ found carrying the boards difficult, so she was pretty interested when the Curve Sling turned up in the post.

First Impressions

Curve Sling

The sling comes in a handy carrying bag and folds down into a small size. The first thing that strikes you about the sling is how well made it is. There are no loose threads or dodgy stitching, it has been finished to a very high standard. The bag comes with a quick set of instructions but being a man I chose to ignore these completely and crack on with the business of getting the sling around the board. The sling rolls out to look like the picture below :

Curve Surf Sling