British SUP Team enters ISA World Championship


SUPGlobal is wishing our friends in the UK Team the best of luck in the International Surfing Association World Championship in Peru.  We will be bringing the latest updates as they happen.  BSUPA have supported the guys to make this a reality and have sent the following press release:

BSUPA are proud to support the UK SUP Team as they prepare to represent their country at the fore coming International Surfing Association inaugural 2012 World Standup Paddle & Paddleboard Championships to be held in Miraflores, Peru.

The team comprising of Gareth Grant: BSUPA 2011 Surf Champion, Mark Stater: BSUPA 2011 12’6″ Race Champion, Jim Richardson: Winner of Mens Surf Expression (Watergate Bay 2011) & John Harvey from Jersey 2nd Overall 14′ Race Division 2011. Over the five days they will compete in a series of competitions in surf, sprint and distance against teams from other countries from around the world, such as Australia, Hawaii, South Africa, France and Brazil.

Gareth Grant; “It is great to see the UK Stand Up Paddle community represented on the World stage. The 2011 BSUPA National Championships held at Watergate Bay provided a perfect springboard to assist in team selection. With sport of Stand Up paddling growing rapidly, this ISA Championships will only increase the awareness and acceptance of the sport throughout the UK.


Mark Slater; “I feel it to be a great honor and privilege to be going to Peru to represent the UK. It is going to be fantastic opportunity for the UK team to put British Paddleboarding on the world map. Whatever the outcome, I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing experience and a great chance to learn a whole lot more about the sport we love”.


Jim Richardson; “You don’t get too many opportunities to represent your country, to surf with the best in the world, to travel to somewhere you had never imagined going to. How will I fare? Watching video footage of the recent international competitions, British Paddleboarding is comparable with the rest of the world so if I can pick the right waves I hope to make it through a heat or two”.


John Harvey; “It was a great honor to be selected for the team, and to have the chance to represent your country doesn’t happen often so I’m taking this seriously. I’ve started a hard core training routine, as the competition will be fierce with some big guns from USA and Australia attending the championships.


BSUPA and the UK SUP Team extend their gratitude the follow companies for their support to enable the team to participate in these Championships:

Gold Sponsors: Penningtons Solicitors, Enhance Group Ltd-Jersey, Sure Mobile, Penguin Recruitment, AE Thorogood

Silver Sponsors: Naish, Starboard, Laguna Bay, Sandles Wealth Management, Excel.

BSUPA sent their best wishes to the UK SUP Team as they embark on their quest for glory and for taking the best of British competitive standup paddleboarding in to the World arena.

To follow the action from the ISA 2012 World in Peru visit: