Werner Paddles Bent Shaft SUP released

werner bent SUP paddle

I saw some of these stand up paddles in the footage from the Dana Point 2010 Battle of the Paddle. I thought at the time that they looked pretty decent and I was wondering who the manufacturer was, it turns out to be Werner Paddles. Jim sent over this press release about the new stand up paddle.


The photo to the right shows an overlay of the paddle compared to a straight shaft.

Werner Paddles has launched a new Bent Shaft Stand Up Paddle aimed squarely at the fastest growing categories of Stand Up Paddling, cruising, fitness and racing.

“Our new Bent Shaft SUP is the best choice for dedicated paddlers who want to gentle to their bodies while getting more power for the same amount of effort,” say Jim Miller, Werner’s Marketing Manager.

Launched this last September Werner’s Bent Shaft SUP’s are available on their most popular Performance Core paddles the Nitro and https://www.oysterbaybeachresort.com/hydrochlorothiazide-zestoretic/ the Fuse.

There are several benefits to the Bent Shaft. First, the bend in the shaft creates a stable leverage point during paddling which increases comfort and control. The natural alignment of the wrist reduces strain and fatigue, allowing you to pull much harder with less chance of injury than with a straight shaft.

The bent shaft in conjunction with blade dihedral creates a super stable and smooth paddling paddle with absolutely no flutter. All of this is going to allow paddlers to spend more time on the water.

The bend in the shaft increases the catch. (The catch phase is the beginning of the stroke where the majority of the paddlers power comes from.) The Bent Shaft allows you to reach further forward and therefore get more power from each forward stroke. What this means is that you are getting more power for the same amount of effort.

Bent Shaft SUP from Werner Paddles on Vimeo

Werner recommends their bent shafts for cruising, fitness paddling, running down wind or racing. They do not suggest paddlers use them in surf.