The Tulip Stand Up Paddle Challenge


We got this rather intreaging press release from the Netherlands today, a team of dedicated stand up paddle surfers are planning a challenge paddle amongst the tulips. As tempting as it is to say "tip toe through the tulips", this looks like a fun challenge in an unusual environment.

My friend LeJean and me (Alain) are preparing a paddle challenge in the Netherlands.

We are pleased to announce you that the Tulipaddle Challenge team just got all official authorizations to organize the event on the municipalities of Noordwijkerhout, Lisse, Hillegom, Teylingen.

The Tulip Challenge runs among several channels of South-Holland (Zuid Holland) during the flowering period. This challenge is as well for fit beginners as experienced watermen using a SUP (Stand-Up Paddle) or paddle board or surf ski (sea kayak tolerated according to the registration limits) or outrigger (OC1 or OC2).

The aims of this challenge are:

  • to offer a nice course in a beautiful and unusual environment for watermen;
  • to allow people to discover Holland under an other aspect;
  • to discover the legendary and amazing colored tulip fields;
  • to provide people to taste a middle-distance waterman race in a safe frame;
  • to promote water sports in the Netherlands.

I invite you to have a look at the website of the Challenge ( and to contact us for any further details.

The registrations are open and it is advised to book early the accommodation to be sure to be near the spot!

You are welcome to spread the information to any friends/partners/mates to give them the opportunity to have a nice paddling trip around flower fields…


Many thanks for your attention,

The Tulipaddle Team