The GONG 10ft 2 Greedy Stand Up Paddle Board Review

GONG Greedy 10ft 2 Stand Up Paddle board

Matt Smith from Stand Up Paddle Gower has been riding his GONG Greedy for a while and has taken it on his travels to Morocco, he gives us the low down on the board.

The 10’2 Greedy has been my SUB choice for well over a year now and unless Gong bring out an updated model I intend to enjoy riding it whenever I can.

On first impressions it is a an unusual looking board with a wide bat tail and full nose, not your usual looking sleek wave rider!

This board is made for waves no question about it , it’s a sufficient flat water paddler and would suit a beginner learning the SUP ropes but, get a good surfer on it – and they’ll love it !

The rocker and template allow waves to be caught early or even late, the pulled in tail allows for quick re- entries and fast bottom turns.

It performs very well in larger waves the increased speed generated means the board can be ridden aggressively.If you are looking into SUP’s and you are coming from a mid shortboard style riding background and slashing waves is what you like to do- look no further than a GREEDY!

I weigh 87 kg and the boards 145 litres of volume is perfect for me, its limitations for me start when paddling in any chop or wind over 15 mph.

Proteck model

The deck pad on the board is very comfortable underfoot and the sugaring on the nose avoids any wax being placed anywhere near the board ! The board comes with two small side fins and a rear 8 ” back fin, however there are slots for a quad fin setup (US tuttle box) which totally transforms the board in waves. (The board weighs 11.7kg and this weight helps the board track in windier conditions)

Highteck model

Although exactly the same template as the proteck board the difference in weight is amazing 10.15 kg the board responds so much quicker than its heavier brother.The highteck construction means the board absorbs more wave energy therefore enabling the rider to feel increased responsiveness and paddle speed in the board itself.

In addition the highteck model comes with a small leash plug/cord on the side of the rail which comes in very handy when carrying the board or picking it up. The paddle can be easily hooked up to this leash plug cord, to aid long walks down the beach.

Stability **
Paddling ***
Waves ****

I would say it has to be the best all round SUP wave board for paddle surfing I have tested – for my weight and surfing style.