The BBC film the ulimate tube ride.

Bali Strickland films Dylan Longbottom

The BBC got in touch about a new series that they are showing called "South Pacific". Part of the footage taken for the new series was of Dylan Longbottom surfing. They used a new high speed, slow motion camera, that has taken the most amazing barrel ride footage I have ever seen.

Here is the background information and the video.

The shot is from a unique sequence we shot recently while making the documentary series "South Pacific" with the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol. (Its on BBC2 at 8-30pm 10th May)

You may have seen this super slo mo camera kit in action on Blue Planet, Planet Earth and other BBC NHU documentaries; this time we manufactured a housing to take it into surf for the first time. The detail is awesome.

[youtube: 425 355]

The cameraman who took this beast out was Bali Strickland and surfer was Dylan Longbottom at Ponape in Micronesia.

Below are some tech spec’s of the camera. It’ll set you back about £100k, plus the cost of having a bespoke housing engineered, but the results are pretty stunning.

High Speed Cameras

TyphoonHD4 & UwaVis
Using an advanced CMOS sensor with ultra high light sensitivity of 1000 ASA – colour
Resolution 1280 X 1024 pixels
HD res. 720p up to 1000 fps
Max. frame rates up to 200,000 fps

4 GB internal memory, storage 3500 frames (recording time e.g. 3.5sec at 1000 fps or 7 sec at 500fps / at 720p). Internal memory can be partitioned into 2, 4 or 8 partitions.

A live image is displayed on a LCD viewfinder. All camera functions can be operated while diving. The recorded shot can be viewed immediately. Lens control via servo motors (iris, focus, zoom)
Lenses used: (F-mount) Nikon prime lenses 14mm and 17-35mm.

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