Tez’s Surf Art


As well as being a contributor to this website and a fanatical stand up paddle surfer (often seen out on the Hayling/Wittering/Bracklesham coast of the UK) Tez is a talented surf artist. We found out about this and asked Tez if he would tell us his story.

Being born many miles inland definitely has its disadvantages if you are someone who enjoys riding waves. The obvious one being lack of access to any decent stretch of water but also the distractions of suburban life which seek to derail you from your plan to be close to the sea and be able to get wet whenever you want/need.

That’s why I’m grateful to my mom who at a very young age decided to place a box of crayons and some A4 paper in my grasp (and a drum kit, but that’s a different story!) hoping that this would amount to something and focus my mind something positive, although you never can be too sure what your eldest son will turn out like…!

Fast forward to now and all through my life I have stuck with the drawing and painting. Designing T – shirts for people, logo’s, and tattoos and always painting pieces for me and my family on top of that. Subject matter varied in earlier years. I was heavily influenced by the graphic and comic artists I was exposed to through reading such publications as 2000AD and DC/MARVEL comics. I aspired to produce work such as this but quickly realised that my style didn’t quite suit.

But even though I enjoyed the graphic/fantasy art work, being a surfer, I was always into painting and drawing the sea, waves and surfers. And that was always my best work. I suppose that comes down to understanding my subject matter a little more from actually being immersed in it literally, rather than just seeing it. I am also heavily influenced by impressionist masters such as Monet, and I think it this characteristic that comes through in my work more than any other. The impressionist way of painting appeals as it is more of an inferred image that you see leading the onlooker to perceive the piece as they see fit. Although I don’t go as abstract as Monet’s famous water lilies piece I do think some impressionistic attributes to certain pieces I create do show.

As I have got older, I found other ways to slide sideways on a board such as sup, windsurfing and snowboarding and on top of that I found myself actually realising a dream and living by the coast and therefore being in contact with sea the whole time.

This has lead to almost all my work being based around the coast and the sea.

I enjoy how vast the sky seems from the beach vantage point, as well as how a tiny amount of white water in the distance can prick the keen interest of surfers mind…

The different types of light and shade you get at a coastal location are something that holds my fascination also. Sunsets and sunrises in particular I feel are when the coast is at its best in the UK and I love the contrasting nature of the iridescent white of the foam and spray from waves against the amazing azure blue skies you get in tropical destinations.

And it is this that I try to recreate in my artwork as I hope you will be able to see from the examples given.

For any enquiries email me at tezwoz1@hotmail.co.uk