SUP in 1980 – Who is that ?

stand up paddle surfer in 1980

James Davis is a British stand up paddle surfer, who made a living as a travel photographer. In 1980 James was in Hawaii taking some shots and caught this guy stand up paddle surfing.

The attire is a little strange, a builders hard hat and knee pads, but he is definately SUPing. James first mentioned that he thought that he had taken a photo of a SUPer in his interview with in the summer of 2009, with a photographic libary of over 100,000 shots, and these are not digital, all film, he needed a bit of time to find the shots, but he has come up trumps.

James tells the story :

Here are two pictures of the 1980 SUP surfer at Waikiki as promised. What a real shame his face is turned away in the best shot! I wonder if its the same guy as the link you sent me? (John Zabotocky ed.) What about the hard hat and knee pads?!! (I also got other shots of the splendid young lady on his left – when I sent prints of the photos to her also in 1980, I had a reply from her mother saying she was so pleased to receive them as the last photos of her daughter, as she was killed later in a surf accident doing the thing she loved best… A sad note to my photo session that day).

If you know who this SUPer is do let us know.

James is a professional photographer and he has kindly given SUPGlobal permission to use them – the copyright remains with James. Don’t take them from this site without permission from James Davies or you will get an invoice !


Bob the builder ? Copyright James Davis Photography.


Another Waikiki wave. Copyright James Davis Photography.

UPDATE : Sam Pa’e from another great SUP website has indentified the stand up paddler as Pop’s Achoy” the father of the Achoy family and the original Stand-Up father of SUP. ¬†Thanks Sam ! ¬†Read more here.