Really flattered about the SUPGlobal thing but it sort of gives me a bit of a dilemma as well. I keep thinking things like,
‘What can I write for the next post?’ and
‘How often will they want stuff?’ and
‘What do I know about anything anyway?’

And then I think, ‘hell to it, I’ll just keep writing my blog and posting my post’s and when everyone gets bored with it they’ll let me know’.
So check this out for a Magic seaweed forecast for Sunday
Sun 18/10
12am    4ft    15secs    4mph 12c
3am       4ft    14secs    7mph 12c
6am       4ft    14secs     5mph 12c
9am       4ft    13secs     7mph 12c
12pm     4ft    13secs     9mph 13c
3pm       4.5ft 13secs    10mph 13c
6pm       4.5ft 12secs    10mph 13c
9pm       5ft    12secs    15mph 14c
(damn I wish I knew how to insert tables into BLOGGER properly so that they look neat)
Winds are South Easterly first thing, going South Westerly through the day. Given that it’s been pretty good all week with light breezes I reckon that’s shaping up for an epic all day bash (well at least 2 sessions) which should sort of make up for being stuck in all week. So an early night and off the beer on Saturday to make the most of a dawny Sunday morning session.
With conditions like this the BSUPA crowd are going to have a blast on the last of their series at WaterGate Bay on Saturday and Sunday. I’m going to say hello to a few guys on Saturday night but Gwithian will be calling me on Sunday.
It’s not that I’m anti-social or anything – honest, it’s just that I have never felt too confident surfing in large packs, I go right off my game and end up making a complete cock of myself. Even when I prone surfed I would always sit right off the peak and take the scrag ends of what was going. The difference now is that the scrag ends are so worth having.
The only exception to the rule is when I’m surfing with Shane and his mates then it can all get a bit ‘ freestyle’ sometimes. Like this recent pic of Shane launching himself off a Swell- Board to destroy Jon Boy’s classic Poo Stance.
Kids eh? See what I have to put up with.
Gavin’s been on the 7’8″ Nah Skwell this week, making up for lost time since he sold his 9’0 Starboard, and hopefully re-building his stoke levels enough for him to sort a board out for the winter. Sunday should give us a good opportunity to compare notes and swap things about a bit.

The week after that it’s off to Bretignolles in France with fingers crossed that these conditions hold out. At the moment it’s looking pretty good with a decent low building in the Atlantic and light off shores all down the West coast. Come on!

So I’d better start sorting out my kit out, One thing I have been meaning to do is tape a couple of my paddle grips. I have been using this ace super thin, rubberised BBB Handlebar Tape. It grips really well and keeps the paddle shaft diameter pretty much the same. The first wrap that I put on was over six months ago and it has held up fine . According to the pack it’s –

‘High grade Synthetic material gives absolute no-slip grip under any riding conditions.’

as well as having

‘Super strong, water-proof and sweat proof adhesive’,

Whatever, its only £8 a pack and that’s enough for two paddles and I have not waxed my shaft since putting it on.


Taping my Werner three piece Nitro with some bar tape for grip and duct tape to re-inforce / support the joints.


Half wrap overlaid taking care that you start at the blade end and work up towards the handle so that you don’t ‘rub over’ the open ends.


End result – finish off with a wrap of tape. 5minutes job done, and should last all season.