Starboard Stand Up Paddle Surfing Board’s and Surfboard Tracker

Surfboard Tracker

Surfboard tracker are delighted to announce, respected Stand Up Paddle Surfing Board brand "Starboard" will be utilising SBT for all their 2009 SUP designs.

This all came about following a small SUP event held at Sunset Surf Cafe, Gwithian, Cornwall last May where the event was co sponsored by SBT. Starboard sponsored rider John Hibbard received the complimentary SBT implant system inside his prize pack.

John reported SBT back to the guys at Starboard Buckingham, Exeter UK, who reported the value of the system back to Starboard HQ in Thailand.

John Hibbard noseriding his Starboard SUP

As a result Starboard have agreed to use the system in all of their SUP’s so that owners can register their product on the SBT online system and switch on the anti-theft and automatic insurance system and be fully protected out there on the waves. The system will also link up Starboard with all their customers who switch on the board system where ever they be.

All photos credit to John Carter