Stand Up World Tour Trials Complete in France

Stand Up World Tour

The second event in the stand up world tour 2011 is now underway in La Torche, France. The Trials and the Youth Challenge are over and the main event is set to start.

Spectacular Opening Weekend here in France

The Naish La Torche Pro presented by O’Neill opened in spectacular style this weekend, as 48 Trialists from as close as France to as far away as Hawaii and Australia battled it out for their place in the Main event. As the rounds progressed, a few clear leaders stood out from the early rounds including Kody Kerbox from Hawaii (son of Stand Up World Tour Judge and surfing legend Buzzy Kerbox), Greg Closier from Brittany, Kieran Taylor from Australia and Casper Steinfath from Denmark. And it was to be these four that made it all the way through to the Finals, with Kody Kerbox taking the honors with a consistently high level of performance surfing. You can check out highlights and photos on the Galleries section ofwww.standupworldtour.comand news on the blog section.


Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge a big hit

With eleven U16’s registered for the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge coming from as close as Brittany to as far away as Hawaii, the scene was set for a fiercely fought out elimination that would provide the top 2 placed athletes with a place in the main event. From the outset, it was clear that Benoit Carpentier from right here in Brittany was the man to beat, but the level across all the kids was phenomenal as they are stepped up to the Challenge and for the chance to face up against the Big Players on the World Tour. In the end, Benoit Carpentier would take the win, with Ridge Lenny, the 14 year old brother of current World Champion Kai Lenny following closely in 2nd place to advance through to the Main Event.


Main Event about to start

With the Trials and the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge now complete, the Main Event will begin tomorrow morning, with a forecast for good waves and favorable winds. First up will be current World Champion Kai Lenny, joined by his brother Ridge in an unprecedented brothers match up – with Kai as number one seed, and Ridge as 32nd (as the second advancing from the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge), they will now face each other in the first heat of the Main event at stop number 2 of the 2011 Stand Up World Tour.

Stand up world tour

Trials event progression