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Friday, 09 July 2010 00:05

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Sometime you have to let the pictures do the talking. Our man in Chile, Naish rider Arnaud Frennet has been tackling giant, freezing, lefthand waves at , Punta De Lobos, Pichilemu, while we have been basking in a Northern Hemisphere summer, with small sloppy waves. Pichilemu is regarded as one of the best spots and most consistant spots in Chile to surf. Arnaud takes over the story:

The last 4 days were amazing! Attached some pictures from Thursday in Pichilemu when we got the biggest conditions with two friends of mine, Patrick Rousseau and Marcelo Ortega. An epic session where we got to test the resistance of equipment but also our own physical resistance.

Arnaud takes off on a nice walled wave Arnaud Stand Up Paddle Surfing with a set behind Arnaud takes a steep drop Look at home much white water there is! Marcelo Ortega prepares to take the pain Yes that is a paddle sticking out the top of the wave, and a board below, Marcelo Ortega is in there somewhere. Patrick Rousseau on another left hand bomb Patrick and Arnaud share a wave

All Photos Philip Muller 2010

A few days later Arnaud takes a break from work to catch a wave, but he only has time for one. Better make it a good one......

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