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Stand Up Paddle Surfing is big in Maui | Print |
Wednesday, 02 April 2008 11:53

2xs in MauiSimon has sent through another update from Maui, while also trying to depress me by showing me the view from the back garden of the house he is staying in.  Here is the latest from Simon :

SUP riding in Maui is catching on big time. Every day we can see loads of people passing our beach house riding big sup boards traveling from up wind of Hookipa down to Kanaha beach.

Normally there isn’t much wind in the morning but right now its around 25 knots first thing and there are still loads of stand up paddle surf riders. Many of the stores have fully rented out all their sup boards, equipment is in short supply.

Surf and Sail Standup Journal Magazine | Print |
Tuesday, 01 April 2008 19:10

2xs in Maui

Simon Bassett, from 2xs, is currently out in Maui for a look at the latest news from Stand Up Paddle Surfing Hawaiian style.  He will be sending in his updates as he spots interesting SUP related stuff.  The latest news is that there is a paper based magazine in the US called Surf and Sail Standup Journal.  Simon thinks that it's layout and design is very similar to Surfers Journal, but focuses in on Stand up and windsurfing.  Simon says :

"Its really well put together like surfers journal, some great photos and features but seems to be more about windsurfing in the past rather than SUP, but still a good mag. However I think the UK mags have a better measure of SUP as sport than this one. Still I have bought a copy of this and will definitely subscribe to it."

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