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Wednesday, 02 April 2008 11:00

Curve SlingSimon from Curve got in touch with us about a new product that they have designed called "Sling". Essentially it is a carrying device with alot of extras to make getting to the beach easier. I took it out on a very windy day to give it a test run. It was blowing about 30 knots off shore, normally this make carrying a stand up paddle board a near impossible task. Would the sling measure up ?


  • Very well made
  • Comfortable to use
  • Handy Pocket for wetsuit
  • Easy to get onto the board
  • Hard to find retailers in the UK at the moment


A question that I am often asked, after the initial interest in stand up paddle surfing is "how do you carry that thing ?". The answer is always that it is not so bad, as long as it is not too windy. Lets face it stand up paddle boards are big beasts and while good carry technique will allow you to carry a board easily in non windy conditions, once that wind starts howling it becomes an interesting experience.

My wife has always been interested in giving SUP a go, but at 5ft 6' found carrying the boards difficult, so she was pretty interested when the Curve Sling turned up in the post.

First Impressions

Curve Sling

The sling comes in a handy carrying bag and folds down into a small size. The first thing that strikes you about the sling is how well made it is. There are no loose threads or dodgy stitching, it has been finished to a very high standard. The bag comes with a quick set of instructions but being a man I chose to ignore these completely and crack on with the business of getting the sling around the board. The sling rolls out to look like the picture below :

Curve Surf Sling

It was very easy to get the sling around the board - I placed the sling flat on the ground, lifted the board onto it and wrapped the sling around it and made sure it was snug. Large velcro strips hold the sling together very firmly, and there is plenty room to add a wider board, or tighten it onto a narrow board.

Curve Sling

Curve Sling

Curve Sling

Once the board was secure on the sling I noticed that there is a large pocket on the front, with a velcro flap closure and drainage mesh on the bottom, perfect for a wetsuit I thought, so I put one in. I actually put two wetsuits in as there was so much room in there, you could easily fit a wetsuit, towel and clothes into the pocket. I also noticed the rather neat paddle holder, and put my paddle on the sling as well. These are two velcro adjusted tubes that fit the paddle perfectly.

Curve Sling Pocket

You can easily fit two wetsuits in the bag

Next thing was to attach the strap. Having lugged all kinds of windsurf and surf kit all over the world, the actual strap part can make or break a product. I have a coffin board bag that holds 3 boards and the fastenings on the strap broke once while getting them off the baggage reclaim in the Canaries, it was a complete pain having to lug the bag around all week with out straps, but luckily Curve have thought this one through. The strap itself has a very good shoulder pad and the clips are sturdy and well made :

The top of the padded shoulder strap

The back of the padded shoulder strap

The clip system for the shoulder strap

Finally I needed to test it out by taking a walk down the beach. It was a good day to test as it was blowing 30 knots off shore and it would have been very hard to carry a stand up paddle board without a sling, although the wind caught the board, as you would expect it was easy to control it and comfortable to carry. My wife had a go as well and she thought it was brilliant, as she could get everything for a stand paddle surf session into the bag and pocket, and get to the beach without struggling.

Curve Sling

Curve Sling

The Sling also has a carrying handle so I had a go with that as well. Its pretty good for short distances, but the shoulder strap is better and allows you to have more control over the board. I now leave the sling on the board in my board rack, and use the handles to pull it out, which works quite well.

Curve Sling


I really liked this product. Although I would probably only use it if I had a long walk, or if I knew that someone would look after the sling for me while I surfed (to stop the light fingered beach goers from stealing it while I was in the water). It will be great for those summer family days on the beach when I know I can carry all the of the kit I need to Stand Up Paddle Surf in the sling, and still help carry other beach stuff as well. I know, from the various female SUPers that I have talked to, and that have tried the sling, absolutely love it. It means that they can very easily get the board to the beach, one even said she would leave the sling on, while the SUP board was on the roof rack - meaning it is easier for her to get it off the car as well.

From a construction point of view it is very well made, the design features have all been thought out, and the attention to details is great. The retail price in the UK is £55.95. The only downside is finding the product in the UK, as Curve are currently appointing a distributor, once they have I will update the article.

Update - May 2009

Thain Leisure is now the appointed distributor for Curve products in the UK