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Wednesday, 02 April 2008 11:00
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Curve Stand Up Paddle Board Carrying Sling
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It was very easy to get the sling around the board - I placed the sling flat on the ground, lifted the board onto it and wrapped the sling around it and made sure it was snug. Large velcro strips hold the sling together very firmly, and there is plenty room to add a wider board, or tighten it onto a narrow board.

Curve Sling

Curve Sling

Curve Sling

Once the board was secure on the sling I noticed that there is a large pocket on the front, with a velcro flap closure and drainage mesh on the bottom, perfect for a wetsuit I thought, so I put one in. I actually put two wetsuits in as there was so much room in there, you could easily fit a wetsuit, towel and clothes into the pocket. I also noticed the rather neat paddle holder, and put my paddle on the sling as well. These are two velcro adjusted tubes that fit the paddle perfectly.

Curve Sling Pocket

You can easily fit two wetsuits in the bag

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