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A new look to the website | Print |
Friday, 28 March 2008 11:38

Stand Up Paddle Surfing UKAs you may have noticed there were not too many updates going on with the old website, the reason was not because I was bored and had given up paddle surfing....oh no ;).  I have been working away on a new look and new structure to the website making it ready for some great stuff that is coming up.  Simon from 2XS is off to Maui in afew weeks time and he will be adding news and pictures to the website about what he finds on his travels, I am off to California soon and I want to see what the SUP scene is like there and report back to you.  The new website will help us to do this with the minimal amount of techie "stuff" needed. 

Gower stand up paddleboard Demo (date changed) | Print |
Friday, 28 March 2008 11:20

Gower Sup Riders

Matt from Gower Kite Riders has been in touch about a change of date for this demo day, due to saturday looking abit too windy : 

Sunday 30th March @ 10 am on Swansea bay opposite St Helens, come down and try out Jimmy Lewis and Gongsup paddleboards.

The history of Stand Up Paddle Surfing | Print |
Thursday, 20 March 2008 15:22

The History of Stand Up Paddle SurfingStand up paddle surfing, or SUP, is a surface water sport, a variant of surfing where the surfer uses a paddle to move through the water while standing on a surfboard. Stand up paddle surfing is derived from its Polynesian roots. The Hawaiian translation is Ku Hoe He'e Nalu; to stand, to paddle, to surf, a wave.

The popularity of the modern sport of SUP has its origination in the Hawaiian Islands. In the early 1960s the Beach Boys of Waikiki would stand on their long boards and paddle out with outrigger paddles to take pictures of the tourists learning to surf. This is where the term "Beach Boy Surfing" originates, another name for Stand Up Paddle Surfing.

Getting the right Stand Up Paddle Boarding Equipment | Print |
Thursday, 20 March 2008 14:54

What do I need to SUP ?

What SUP equipment should I get ?At its most basic you are going to need a board, a paddle and a leash. You can buy extras such as deck grip, or if you are short of cash you can use surf wax. It is also advisable to get some ding repair materials as well, just so you are prepared for any eventuality. Make sure that you get the correct repair material for the construction of your board (i.e. Epoxy repair for epoxy boards, normal resin for glass and resin boards).


Jimmy Lewis 11ft Stand Up Paddle Board | Print |
Thursday, 20 March 2008 13:53

Jimmy Lewis 11ft Stand Up Paddle BoardI saw Stand Up Paddle boarding for the first time being done by Laird Hamilton on one of his mad adventures and I thought I better have a bash. Living in Lancashire near Blackpool, I don't have the privilege of living by a surfable coast. This hinders the amount of time I get to surf so its limited to weekends in the North East and Anglesey in North Wales as well as the occasional trip to Cornwall or the west Portuguese coast. That being the case I have progressed to a very average standard on both short boards and long boards. At 5' 11'' and twelve and a half stone I have the choice to surf both.

Over the past three years I have spent entire summers in Rhosneigr, Anglesey. With very inconsistent surf here a Stand Up paddleboard makes sense as there are often long flat spells and on a SUP it provides good opportunity to explore the coast line. In addition to this a SUP can catch and take advantage of much smaller, less powerful swell than prone surfing. This means more surfing through the summer. Its also great for fitness and keeping the body in shape for the girls.

10'0" Oxbow Stand Up Paddle Board Review | Print |
Thursday, 20 March 2008 12:35

Oxbow stand up paddle surf board reviewPobbles, from the stand up paddle surfing UK forums, very kindly spent some time riding and reviewing her Oxbow SUP.  Here are her conclusions.

Before going any further with this I feel I ought to put out a disclaimer! I am new to Stand Up Paddle boarding and relatively new to surfing all together so apologies if I get the terminology wrong or make too many irrelevant points....

I have lived in West Sussex for just over a year and unlike those who say they have 20 odd years experience I have only been attempting to surf for roughly that time...Waves down here are not as consistent as they could be, so when I read about Paddle Boarding on the net I jumped at it as a way to get out on the sea as much as I can. Although I am eager to get out on waves a bit more even when there is flat calm, paddling out is just awesome.

The September Sessions Competition 2007 | Print |
Thursday, 20 March 2008 12:18

Brian TalmaWhat a weekend, if you missed it you must have been mad. Watergate bay was an excellent choice of venue and the surf really performed, its was a super clean 3-4ft with some bigger sets rolling in. There was a real cross section of people taking part with European Long boarding champions, world windsurfing champions to people who have only just taken the sport up. All credit to John Hubbard for organizing the event, the atmosphere was brilliant with everyone checking out the latest stand up paddle surfing gear and chatting about the sport.


C4 Waterman 10ft 6'' Stand Up Paddle Board Review | Print |
Saturday, 20 October 2007 13:55

C4 Waterman Stand Up Paddle Board reviewThis an awesome board for the more experienced stand up paddle surfer. Before we get into the details lets just say a little about me. I am 6ft 2''and weigh 13 stone. I have been surfing for about 20 years, five of these longboarding.  My first board was a Jimmy Lewis 11ft and this is a cracking board (see the Jimmy Lewis 11ft review here). I took the JL to Cornwall and competed on it during the SUP competition, but I could'nt help to notice that alot of the really hot stand up paddle surfing was being done on C4 boards.


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