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Stand Up Paddle Technique - The Boomerang | Print |
Friday, 23 April 2010 01:55

Ivan van Vuuren from Coreban takes us through a move called the boomerang, handy when you see a wave you just have to catch.

So you’ve figured out how to get over waves without falling, it’s time to step it up a notch and practice the Boomerang. I’ve been doing them for about 3 years now and found it tricky at first but after a bit of practice it’s a great move that can be performed on waves 2ft or bigger and actually a great way to get on a wave face at the last second and ride the wave… Let’s take a closer look at some of the key points to successfully pulling off the move.

The aftermath - SUP in Chile after the Tsunami | Print |
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 01:45

Chile Tsumani 2010My name is Arnaud Frennet, for those who don’t know me, I am a Naish rider for both SUP and Windsurfing based here in Chile.

As you sure know we have been hit by a devastating 8.8 Earthquake, that was followed by a Tsunami.

My family and myself have been very fortunate given the circumstances, despite some material damage (the tsunami reached our house in Punta de Lobos but did not destroy it…too much luck). Unfortunately around us some of our friends and neighbors did not get the same fate and lost everything. We have put all our energy into helping them for recovery.

All the Surf, SUP, Kite and Windsurf community has come together to help for recovery. The most damaged area extend from Tirua to Pichilemu, which is the most famous area for those sports in Chile, and for sure one of the most intense on Earth. The tsunami hit many World Famous beaches for those sports like Curanipe, Llico, Matanzas, Pichilemu & Punta de Lobos, just to name a few.

Funky Puffin sponsors Europe’s toughest SUP race | Print |
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 01:31

Stand Up Paddle Race BrightonFunky Puffin, the lifestyle brand that’s growing out of Jersey (Channel Islands), is the 2010 sponsor of the Paddle Round The Pier Euro-Enduro stand-up paddleboard (SUP) race, taking place on July 3rd and 4th 2010 in Brighton, England.

Funky Puffin, which produces a range of eco-friendly surf and beach products, has chosen Paddle Round The Pier for its first sponsorship deal outside of the Channel Islands because it is Europe’s largest free beach festival and raises thousands of pounds for charity.

The 20 mile charity SUP race in association with SurfAid International is renowned as Europe’s toughest. Competitors will race from Brighton West Pier to Worthing Pier and back in the hope of winning the £1000 prize money for first place in either of the two classes.

Review of the Kahuna Creations Big Stick | Print |
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 00:06

Kahuna Creations logoDave Samuel the man behind Brighton's Paddle Round the Pier festival has been looking for something different to do on his skate board. He saw a Kahuna Creations Big Stick and decided the combination of Stand Up Paddle and skateboarding was something he had to try. Dave tells us about it:

Surfers Against Sewage Challenge Prize Draw | Print |
Thursday, 15 April 2010 04:51

draw-rotatorMatt Argyle, Simon Bassett, Claire Blacklock, Elliot Dudley and Jock Patterson are attempting to cross the English channel on stand up paddle boards to raise money for Surfers Against Sewage. We are holding a prize draw to raise money, prizes have been provided by all the riders and their sponsors (Animal, 2XS and X-Train, Naish and Roxy). We have over 20 prizes to give away check out our prize list.

So how do you stand a chance of winning some of this lovely stuff ? If you wish to enter each 'ticket' for the draw costs £5, you can enter as many times as you want. Winners will be randomly drawn.

Mctavish - The shortest time I've ever owned a board. | Print |
Thursday, 08 April 2010 21:50

Getting back in the swing of things now - had a few Sunday, sloppy sessions at Gwithian and had my first full fat beating in the middle of the week. An evening session that had overhead surf and blistering offshores put my lack of paddle fitness to the test. Not nice and I should have known better but it's been pretty desperate and as the clocks had gone back I thought I better make the most of it. WRONG!!

One thing that was definitely right though was going to see Joan Armatrading for the start of her latest UK tour - last time we saw her was 25 years ago and we were worried that her voice may have suffered with time. Not a bit - in fact if anything it seemed even stronger and richer than before and if anything more confident on stage, however she don't say much!!! Nice mix of old and the new 'This Charming Life' album which is a bit rockier. Great stuff and totally recommended - Swear that I spotted Billie Jean King there, might be mistaken.

MMMmmmnnnn!! | Print |
Friday, 26 March 2010 23:09

Now that's how you store boards on holiday
And not a single baggage charge amongst them

It's strange how fast things can go downhill sometimes, and how soon after your highest high's you get your lowest lows. Our Costa Rica trip was amazing, surfed everyday bar one sometimes twice a day and occasionally three times. Totally ace. But I reckon I sort of peaked in Nosara, and everything since has been cold, wet grey and painful. Here's why.

John Zapotocky 91 Years Young and the History of Stand Up Paddling | Print |
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 00:48

John Zapotocky stand up paddleYou may be forgiven for thinking that stand up paddling is a new sport, that has probably been around for 4 or 5 years right? Wrong, in fact the roots of our sport go right back to the man who bought surfing to the world, Duke Kahanamoku. How do we know this? Because the man that is the Godfather of stand up paddling, John Zapotocky learn't from the Duke.

Chris "Guts" Griffiths joins SurfTech Stand Up Paddle Team | Print |
Tuesday, 09 March 2010 04:11

Chris Guts Griffiths Stand Up paddle surfingAnyone who surfs or stand up paddle surfs in the UK will have heard the name Chris "Guts" Griffiths. Chris is a legend who has been a well known face of surfing for over 40 years, he has won over a dozen Welsh titles, split between longboard and shortboard divisions, he won the Europe pro longboard tour in 1997 and 1999 and had a top five ranking in the ASP in 1996.


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