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In it’s simplest term the Celtic phase ‘Nah Skwell’ translates into ‘Playground’. Based in Brittany in the North Western corner of France, which shares strong links to other Celtic Nations such as Cornwall, Wales & Ireland, Nah Skwell are a new range of SUP designed, shaped and tested in Northern European Waters. Over the past few years, the team of Pascal Gerber and Bruno Andre were longing to combine their experience in designing windsurf, sup-wind and surf boards with their now lengthy experience of this new sport an experience which they infused into the rest of the company staff. The passion of their desire to create has resulted in a focused board range that consists of a 10’6”, 9’6” & a 7’8”. Nah Skwell boards are innovative and a different style of SUP. Our goal has been to allow the rider to discover the shapes potential (and not its limits), step after step. We want them to progressively find their board’s capabilities, and enjoy their own progress during every session. This is why we offer smaller, less voluminous, less cumbersome, but lighter, livelier and more performing boards, combined with a fresh/funky looking practical deck pad that draws the public to them. We think that getting the public on ”easy looking at first sight” boards, with their extra volume and length is a short-term view, which may only disappoint users and possibly, quickly exhaust their enthusiasm down the road. Please follow this link for a full description:
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