Stand Up and ignite the fire of life !


Naish celebrate 30 years of being in the water sports business this year and they have also released details of their 2009 stand up paddle surf range.

With the global success of the 2008 range of SUP’s, Naish launch a stunning and comprehensive range of boards for 2009 that is set to ignite and captivate the rapidly growing and diversifying world of Stand Up Paddleboards. 

From the Big Wave Gun to the competitive flat-water distance Paddler, and for the enthusiastic recreational user. The 2009 model range has something to suit the needs of the individual. 

Naish have been involved with SUP since it resurfaced in Hawaii several years ago, and worked on developing prototypes over a 3 year period before launching their first product line. 

What’s new for 2009? 

Firstly the look stays the same, classic epoxy wood deck finish that draws the eye to the board, and makes you feel like a legend from the moment you hit the water. 

Naish understand that it all about giving the individual choice, and to this affect for 2009 all, boards apart from the 11’6” AST, come supply (but not applied) with a three piece deck pad, Thus giving the individual the choice of riding the board in its nature state, or for a more easier cushion feel with the deck pad applied. 

Surfing and SUP is a very nature sport, and in times when we are becoming more focused on the needs of the environment, Naish are leading the way in looking at way to reduce our sports direct/indirect impact on the world we live in.  

Eco Packaging System: Naish is the first brand to use Eco intelligent packaging for their board range. Instead of endless amounts of bubble wrap, tape and plastic sheets, every Naish Epoxy Wood SUP is now delivered in a board bag. This reduces the amount of ‘throw away” packaging by 85%. The main source of shipping protection is now in the form of a quality board bag that the end consumer can also benefit from and continue using. 

All boards feature a recessed handle, which makes carrying your SUP easy and safe. 

Because of Nash heritage and experience in shaping windsurfing boards, they release that the larger SUP offer similar characteristics to that of old school style windsurf boards, and again wishing to make SUP as versatile as possible have also incorporated on all SUP’s (except 9’6” & 9”3”) an unobtrusive integrated universal attachment point with stainless steel threads for windsurfing sail attachment. 

On to the boards and firstly the successful Epoxy Wood 11’6” & 10’8” models stay in the range. The 10’6” delivers classic long board performance with incredible carvability, while the 11’6” provides the best combination of surfing, core workout, and easy first time access to the sport. 

Epoxy Wood 9’3” – the smallest board in the 2009 line, creates a new dimensions in SUP. The innovative design gives you explosive tuning and shortboard-like performance never before experienced in an SUP. 

Epoxy Wood 9’6” – this design sets the standard for shortboard style SUP. Equipped with a quad fin setup for aggressive surfing and quick turns, the Naish  9’6” combines a fish-like performance, great stability, and the ability to catch waves early. 

Epoxy Wood 11’4” – combining the stability of the 11’6” with the progressive rail to rail of the 10’6”, this pintail design delivers excellent performance in a huge range of conditions from small mushy surf to offshore reef breaks. A classic in the making. 

AST 11’6” – the proven epoxy wood 11’6” shape in an AST technology results in an excellent performance to value ratio. It comes with EVA deck pad already attached, and is awesome for both surf and recreational flat-water condition. Great entry point SUP for new comes to the sport. 

Finally the daddy of all boards! Custom Gun 11’6’ – this Limited Edition Gun will let you in to the biggest waves of you life, but the pintail design is still a blast in small surf. The ultimate board for those looking to charge. 

2009 also marked a milestone for Naish as they celebrate 30 years of designing, shaping boards. Knowledge and experience to this level can never be beaten or replaced merely copied. Naish are a board riding company to the core, whether it be surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing & now stand-up paddling. The team at Naish ride what they build, and build what they ride. – they are 100% committed to making the best boards on the market. 


For more information on the 2009 Naish SUP range visit or contact Naish Sails (UK) Ltd on +44 (0)23 8089 4333 or e-mail