RRD Stand Up Eleven SUP board

RRD Stand Up Eleven

Roberto Ricci Designs (RRD) have released an SUP board called the Stand Up Eleven, which you will not be suprised to realise is 11 feet long ! I managed to take this board for a quick distance paddle at West Wittering last month. It is a very stable board, absolutely perfect for beginners to get to grips with paddling, and for them to take into the waves once they have mastered the paddling basics. It has a forgiving softskin deck, which feels good underfoot, and it has a 8.5 inch fin, which means it works well in the surf.

Here is the press release from RRD:

Finally a real all round Stand Up Paddle board! Many brands have started to make SUP boards before RRD, but this 11” represents the latest development in SUP designs. Easy to paddle, the right board for everyone willing to start to SUP!


The thin volume profile and the generous rocker in combination with a wide outline , generate a great stability, but once used in the waves, the board becomes a real wave rider! Equipped with a middle handle to carry the board, we have used this board opening to extend it with a middle mast box in order to convert the SUP into a very efficient and fun sailboard!

Rails configuration:

50/50 round edges on the nose area, 60/40 full rails in the middle to improve paddling potential and stability, full 80/20 rails with round TUE in tail area to improve turning potential

Hull configuration

Light concave on the nose are with V configuration rail to rail from middle to tail end. Double concave onto the V from the middle section until 60 cms from the tail.


US box Fiberglass CNC foiled Dolphin outline 8.5”


Stand Up ELEVEN 11′ x 31” x 4 1/2” single dolphin


EPS/ HD Glass/ Wood sandwich skin on stepping area with a combination of Glass fibres laminated in Single Shot moulding process. Deck covered with Softskin ™