Review of the NorthCore stand up paddle board sling

NorthCore Sling

NorthCore are a British firm that produce surfing accessories. They are also very eco aware and plant 750 trees to off set thier carbon emissions each year. They have now started to produce some accessories for stand up paddle surfing

How do you manage to carry that ? Thats a question that most SUPers will get asked. For most of us men, the answer is put it on your shoulders and off you go. For some people who need to carry a board a long distance that might well be too much, so there are a number of SUP slings on the market.

The NorthCore SUP carrying sling is a sturdy bit of kit. The shoulder pad is very well designed. It is heavily padded and if you are carrying a heavy board it does take the strain out of it. The actual strap is a long piece of looped webbing, although basic it worked fine. The beauty of this system is that it can be stuffed down the back of a wetsuit or into a waterman back pack and you can paddle off, safe in the knowledge that you have not left anything behind, and as soon as you need to come ashore you have the strap ready to go.

Northcore sling

We tried the strap out on a 27" wide 9′ board and a 12′ distance board and it worked fine, you do have to adjust the position of the strap to ensure you have the shoulder pad on the balance point before you set off (otherwise you will drag either the front or back of you board as you go), but this is very easy to do.

In conclusion its a pretty straight forward bit of kit, well made, easy to use and perfect if you struggle to carry a stand up paddle board, its also not that expensive, you should be able to find it for under £10 !

NorthCore Sling

Thanks to Extreme Horizon for getting the sling to us.