Maxfield Provisions adds array of SUP Deck Pads to the Line Up

Maxfield Provisions

Shawn from Maxfield Provisions has sent us his latest press release about a newly developed range of deck grip.  I spoke to shawn about this and saw a small sample in San Diego, which looked really good.  His aim was to make something that does not rip your knees and feet to shreds as some of the more abrasive foam pads do.  Its great to see it finally ready to go.  I love Maxfield Provisions kit, I have a “Burly” backpack and some paddle covers that I will be reviewing soon and the quality is superb.  Anyway here is the press release.  

CARLSBAD, CA-(July 21, 2008) – Maxfield Provisions announced today that it will be carrying SUP Deck Pads from Hyperform Inc. The deck pads are manufactured with the highest quality, closed cell, UV resistant, EVA foam and with high profile, vertical CNC grooves. Additionally added is a secondary traction pattern with a thermoform microdot embossing. 74” x 22” and 88” x 22” sizes of pads are available, utilizing 7 individual, spreadable pieces to fit a large variety of boards that are most common. The long proven PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) is applied to the entire kit. With the SUP market at an all time high and many retailers not able to keep products in stock Maxfield has introduced the pads with impeccable timing.

Maxfield Provisions provides the finest in surf quality goods. Stand outs in the Maxfield Provisions lineup are the Ho’e Nalu Paddle Covers that are available in 3 models (blade bag, canoe/breakdown paddle and the full length double travel bag). The Ho’e Nalu covers offer a wide selection of sizes and colors, with the most popular item, the straw weave. Maxfield Provisions emerged by way of the “Nalu Stacker”. The Stacker was engineered to be placed in between boards to prevent damage while strapped on the racks while travelling. Burly Pack (a rugged backpack –which can withstand just about any extreme condition it is subjected to).

Shawn Maxfield, Owner of Maxfield Provisions, stated today that the distribution facility is also eagerly awaiting the first delivery of their SUP Boards, all of which are manufactured in the United States. Maxfield noted the SUP boards will complement and round out their product line up perfectly. Maxfield indicated it has been the company’s desire since its inception to offer quality surf goods that can endure the test of time.