Launch of the Stand Up World Tour – the Waterman League

Stand Up World Tour

We have got news from Hawaii that the Stand Up World Tour and the set up of the Association of Stand Up Paddle Professionals (A.S.U.P.P.) has taken place. The events are invite only and take place in three locations, Teahupoo, (Tahiti), Ocean Beach (California) and Makaha (Hawaii).

Here are the details:

The Stand Up World Tour has been introduced in 2009 to embrace the emergence and exponential growth in the sport of Stand Up Paddling. At every level, we have witnessed unprecedented interest in the sport: from the all access flat water paddling that has become popular as a cross training exercise for professional athletes (Lance Armstrong) and core fitness work out for all (incl. celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Aniston and Pierce Brosnan) to the high performance riding in some of the most challenging waves in the world, Stand Up Paddling has touched every level of the outdoor demographic, without the traditional geographic limitations of ocean sports.

stand up world tour

At one end of the sport, the Waterman League is supporting mass participation races and demos to encourage access for all to this incredible sport. At the other end, the organization is gathering the world’s greatest Watermen for a world championship tour like no other, held in some of the most challenging waves in the world. Check out the trailer for the Stand Up World Tour here

The Stand Up World Tour

The goal is to showcase and continuously re-define the outer limits of the sport and demonstrate how the sport has become quite literally the ‘Waterman’s choice. With a fleet that is brimming with colorful characters that have proved themselves across the complete cross section of ocean sports, the Stand Up World Tour will deliver their newest and greatest challenge….the chance to be crowned World Champion of a sport that embraces their complete skill set so wholeheartedly and that will demand the most complete level of oceanmanship, athleticism and courage to come out on top….

The Events

1) Teahupoo, Tahiti

Teahupoo will serve as the perfect opener for the Stand Up World Tour and will take place in September

2) Ocean Beach, California

The Ocean Beach event will take place in October

3) Makaha, Hawaii

The holding period for the Makaha event will take place in November.

The Athletes:

The Stand Up World Tour will consist of a prestigious 32 man fleet made up of the following: An elite Top 16 athletes (decided on by the Committee listed below) An additional 8 athletes selected from an alternate list (again the decision finalized by the Committee) A final 8 athletes made up of 4 local trial entrants in each location and 4 wild cards The Committee The Committee was elected in April of 2009 by unanimous vote of the athletes involved in the Stand Up World Tour.

The 5 key members of the Stand Up World Tour Committee are as follows:

Ekolu Kalama (Chairman of the Committee); Bonga Perkins; Duane Desoto; Leleo Kinimaka; Chuck Patterson

The Key Players:

Ikaika Kalama, Hawaii; Chuck Patterson, US; Kalani Vierra, Hawaii; Chris Bertish, South Africa; Bonga Perkins, Hawaii; Duane Desoto, Hawaii; Garrett McNamara, Hawaii; Kealii Mamala, Hawaii; Kai Lenny, US; Raimana Van Bastolear, Tahiti; Kamu Auwae, Hawaii; Kainoa McGee, Hawaii; Antoine Delpero, France; Kainoa Beaupre, Hawaii; Ekolu Kalama, Hawaii; Luke Egan, Australia.

The Alternates:

Kamaki Worthington, Hawaii; Leleo Kinimaka, Hawaii; Robby Naish, US; Dave Kalama, Hawaii; Aaron Napolean, Hawaii; Brian Keaulana, Hawaii; Vetea David, Tahiti; Kai Sallas, Hawaii; Scott Chandler, US; Keone Keaulana, Hawaii; Adam Zervais, UK; Noah Shimabukuro, Hawaii; Tom Carroll, Australia; Rob Machado, US; Melvin Pu’u, Hawaii; Jamie Mitchell, Australia.