Kialoa Paddles come to the UK

Kialoa SUP paddles

Kialoa paddles have arrived in the UK and Simon from 2XS has sent over some information.  We managed to get a Shaka Pu’u paddle off the first shipment and we will be posting a review very soon, but the first impression is that this is by far the lightest and fastest paddle we have tried.  It is well worth getting down to a retailer to try one out, just to see how light they are, really unbelievable.


2XS is pleased to announce we are distributing a new range of high quality SUP paddles by Kialoa. This paddle company have a real heritage in building high quality out rigger paddles and have been developing and selling SUP paddles in Hawaii and the USA for the past 5 years. Gerry Lopez, Bonga Perkins, Mel Pu, Chuck Patterson and Blane Chambers all use the paddles.

Seventeen years ago Dave Chun, Kialoa MD, began building paddles on his parents’ lanai in Kailua, Hawaii. Driven by the need for performance equipment and the desire to “build the best paddles in the world,” Dave began blending Hawaiian craftsmanship with modern technology and produced beautiful handcrafted wooden and carbon paddles.

SUS Paddle on the left and the Shaka Pu'u on the right
SUS Paddle on the left and the Shaka Pu’u on the right


The Shaka Pu’u blade profile is Kialoa’s best selling composite paddle – their smallest
paddle blade, which allows for quick acceleration through the water without pulling the surfer off balance. Ideal for catching waves and keeping you in the surf (weight 22oz).

The original SUS’s carbon blade is bonded with a tough black anodized shaft made of seamless 6061-T6 aluminium. For 2008, the SUS features Kialoa’s new Shaka Pu’u blade for quicker strokes. A hand shaped mahogany Ergo-T grip instantly orients your paddle without looking down at the blade. With this powerful combination of carbon, aluminium and wood you can dig into the biggest surf with confidence.

Blane Chambers with using his Kialoa paddle
Blane Chambers with using his Kialoa paddle

All the paddles are hand-built in the USA and the quality of each paddle is exceptional, if you don’t believe that then ask your retailer to test a Kialoa paddle.

The paddles are available at a number of retailers around the UK, call 2XS for more details: 01243 512552.

Gerry Lopez tackles a big one in Oregon with the Kialoa paddle
Gerry Lopez tackles a big one in Oregon with the Kialoa paddle