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Thursday, 21 June 2018 16:26

SUP Techniques

SUP Tips and Techniquesboomerang stand up paddle surfing technique

Improve your Stand up paddle surfing knowledge, surfing, flatwater and technical tips. Read More


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The latest SUP kitsup-kit-review

We review all the latest stand up paddle surfing equipment, from boards and paddles to clothing. Read More
And in other news
curvesupbag150We review a Curve Stand Up Paddle board bagRead More
hydrate for sportMake sure you hydrate when you go stand up paddle boarding. Read More

Stand Up Paddle Equipment

Ivan van Vuuren

Ivan van Vuuren, our technique editor, takes you through the basics of what equipment you need go stand up paddle surfing. Remove the guess work and get the advice from the expert. Read More

Technique Clinic

How to cut your paddle to the right length

In this weeks technique article we look at how to cut your stand up paddle surfing paddle to the correct length.Read More

Diet and Fitness

This month, Johanna Shiu, our resident Sports Scientist, takes a look at diet and protien and how they affect fitness and performance. Read More

Stand Up Paddle Ireland

Matt Argyle traveled to Ireland with his stand up paddle board to sample surfing in Donegal. A perfect SUP get away.Read More

The James Davis Interview

We speak to a legend of Stand Up Paddle Surfing in the UK, James Davis. One of the original UK surfers James is now passionate about SUP. Read More

Surfing Music

Music Reviews

Zervas and PepperWe interview unsigned hopefuls Zervas and Pepper. Their brand of laid back 1970s west coast music is the antidote to mass produced pop. Read More

Surfing Art


Hilton Alves ArtistHilton Alves is a stand up paddler and an excellent artist. We take a look at his work going on display at the Haleiwa Arts Festival. Read More


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