Hurry up and wait

matt argyle stand up paddle in chichester harbour

We are still waiting to hear whether we are going to get the go today for crossing the English Channel by stand up paddle board tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd June). The concerns of the team last week have been realised as the wind looks like it will shift from Northerly to Southerly tomorrow meaning it will be in our faces so we are 50/50 as to whether it is worth an attempt. Trying to convey, across a phone, how a downwinder on a SUP board works has been pretty frustrating. Our main friend has been which is has proved accurate and an excellent resource.

Anyway, back to the waiting….you would think that being a surfer would have prepared me for this, having to wait for the combination of the perfect low pressure system, wind direction and swell height to give the waves that I crave, but I am starting to go slightly crazy, its werid as you can’t really plan anything and you are constatnly aware that you might be going the next day. It makes life very tricky and we are all going to be glad when we know for sure what is going to happen. Yesterday myself and Simon managed to go for a distance paddle in Chichester harbour, which was great. Elliot has been down to the Gul Night Surf SUP contest, he texted me to say that Guts Griffiths won the event, so well done Guts.

Simon Bassett takes a phone call

In the mean time I have been doing a lot of local media, BBC Sussex radio show, BBC website and various newspapers, I think everyone has been getting involved from the team. I sat next to Paul Ross (Jonathon Ross’s brother) in a BBC studio this weekend, of course I had no idea who he was until later, but he was very friendly and interested in the SUP board I had bought along. Demonstration SUP in a radio studio is interesting, but we made a valient attempt, you can listen again here for about a week or so, I am in the last 30 minutes of the show.

I will be twittering from the SUPGlobal twitter account during the crossing while I can, so watch out for that.

Hopefully my next post will be after the crossing. Thank-you very much to everyone who has sponsored us so far, check out the fund raising here, and if you have any spare, please gve what you can !

UPDATE at 16:15 21/06/10

Its officially off for tomorrow – next weather window looks like Friday.