The Anatomy of a SUP Surf Contest | Print |
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 05:02

contests or free surfing?

Why do I do them? What drives me to compete, when we could be free surfing with friends? These are questions I have often asked myself, when I think about the best times I have had surfing and the best waves, not one of them has been in a contest. Contests put a boundary around the freedom of surfing so why on earth would anyone bother?

Embrace the hate - Editorial | Print |
Thursday, 27 August 2009 01:57

This article was going to be called "Fear and Loathing in the line up" then I thought "Fear and Loathing on the internet" was maybe a better title, but finally I thought "Embrace the Hate" was probably better.  

State of the Sport 2008/2009 | Print |
Tuesday, 27 January 2009 14:59

Well the summer is but a distant memory and the winter swells and storms are amongst us in the Northern Hemisphere. It gives us here at SUPGlobal a chance to reflect on the state of the sport at the end of 2008 and the direction that it has travelled over the course of 12 months. There has been some really positive and interesting developments, and as with the ying and yang of life there have been some extremely negative developments.


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