Drops Watt 9ft 1″ Stand Up Paddle Board Review

drops stand up paddle board

A fresh batch of stand up paddle boards have arrived in the UK from Drops in Europe. 2XS took delivery and busted some out for us to test.

First up we have the video review of the 9ft 1″ Watt.


Here are the stats for this board :


- Length : 9’1 = 278 cm
- Width : 28″ 1/2 = 72.5 cm
- Thickness : 4″ 1/2 = 11.5 cm
- Volume : 124 litres
- Width one foot off the tip of the nose : 21″ 7/8 = 55.5 cm
- Width one foot off the tip of the tail : 16″ 3/4 = 42.6 cm
- Tail : Diamond Tail.
- Nose : Regular Round Nose.
- Fins : Tri-fin 2+1
- Highteck weight : 8.45 kg

Retail : € 799/ £842.93

Who is this board for: People who can surf – intermediate to advanced Stand Up Paddle Riders.
Who is this board not for: Beginners, distance racers.
What are the best conditions for this board: 3-6ft surf.


The better the waves are the better this board goes. We have taken it out from small waves in the video, up to over head surf and it seems to like 3ft to 6ft best. It is a low volume board, and can feel tippy underfoot at first, but you do get used to it. This board is extremely loose, the bigger and faster the wave gets the more it loves it. On the bottom it is a longboard style tri fin set up, and on the nose it has a big spoon scoop, which makes nose riding fun, and it reduces the volume. We have tried most SUP boards and so far this one is most like a modern performance longboard. It feels like a board that will really allow you to develop your stand up paddle surfing, but we would advise that to get the most out of it you need to be at least an intermediate surfer. This is not the board for someone who is taking to the surf for the first time, it will put you off due to the low volume and width. The board turns on a dime and is a lot of fun. Try one !

Manufacturers Website.