Blanked on Sunday – Go Row


When is this weather going to change? Seems like we have had three weeks of Westerly storms, fantastic swell but with winds averaging 30mph there have been  very few opportunities  get in on Sunday.

Most of the places I stand a chance of getting in need half tide up to be in the lee. Winter waves eh, love em and hate them. Full of good intentions on Sunday even got a text from Gav which made me get down to Penzance, sure enough a great big fat wave pushing through in a place where it’s usually calm as. Loads of longboarders and still very windy. I’m just making up excuses now but in any event I passed. Go on you – one more Kite Surfing comment – I dare you !!!

Anyway I made up for it in a small if not insignificant way by beasting the Rower in the bedroom. I’m writing this as I have just finished my third week. Five sessions a week and to date I have pulled myself stupid to the tune of 140,000 metres, and if I’m honest I’m actually enjoying it. How sad is this? My best 2000m split to date is 7minutes 23secs as part of a  4000m – 3000m – 2000m interval session. Should have finished with a 1000m split as well but was toast.

I’m rubbish at the long easy sessions, my head just is not in it, too easy and I get bored too hard and I end up avoiding the pain, so I don’t do those, instead I end up doing various intervals that give me a session total of around 10,000 – 12,000 metres and a time of around 40 minutes. All this has resulted in me being able to see bits of my body that have not been visible for years. For instance I’ve discovered a few ribs and moving further South . . . . .

some hip bones. Still looking for that jaw though.

The end of the second week saw me loosing a bit of motivation as having dropped from 14stone 4lbs to 14 stone 1lb in the first week I sort of stuck there. This week has seen the scales tip in at a low of 13 stone 12lbs (post exercise). This is the first time I have been 13 something since primary school, well almost. Still three weeks to go, could 13 and a half be possible? I’m so chuffed. It’s going to make riding that 9’0 Mctavish a doddle. Well easier anyway. God I fancy a pasty.