A new look to the website

Stand Up Paddle Surfing UK

As you may have noticed there were not too many updates going on with the old website, the reason was not because I was bored and had given up paddle surfing….oh no ;).  I have been working away on a new look and new structure to the website making it ready for some great stuff that is coming up.  Simon from 2XS is off to Maui in afew weeks time and he will be adding news and pictures to the website about what he finds on his travels, I am off to California soon and I want to see what the SUP scene is like there and report back to you.  The new website will help us to do this with the minimal amount of techie “stuff” needed. 

In the mean time I am writing up various reports and product reviews from the Outdoor Show that I recently attended at the NEC in Birmingham.  It was a real eye opener, getting to chat and paddle with the GB Kayak freestyle team was very interesting for both the SUPers and the Kayakers, we hope to be doing some more stuff together again later this year.  On top of that I managed to get my hands on lots of interesting products that I will be reviewing and giving you the low down on, from SUP carrying devices to sports nutrition products.

The old blog has been retired, but will still have a link to it for the time being.  The stand up paddle surfing forums remain the same and apart from prehaps getting a new logo, will continue as they are.  I hope you like the new site, as always you can send feedback to me via the contact page.