8th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing 2018


The results are in from this spectacular event in Greece.

On Sunday October 7th 2018, the shipping traffic in the Corinth Canal was halted for the 434 paddlers, where they lined up just before the Isthmia Bridge for the 8th Annual Corinth Canal SUP Crossing.

This year the race was a milestone for the sport of SUP but also for the event itself. The number of registered paddlers exceeded every forecast, surpassing by far any previous record, with over 500 participations from every corner of Greece and lot of other countries like Cyprus, U.K., France, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Finland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

The race, which started as an idea in 2010, ended up becoming one of the biggest water sport events in Greece. “The world straightest SUP race” as it is known, has triggered the interest of the world wide SUP community, sending out the message of Greece’s potential as a big SUP event venue, highlighting the culture and history of the country.

The Corinth Canal was recently declared the “biggest canal in Europe”. The crystal clear blue, calm waters flowing along the 6,453m of its length, between the massive 80m high walls, is the perfect track for any kind of paddler. The race is the only chance to cross the canal with a SUP!

The starting line was set at Isthmia, the eastern side of the canal, right in front of Canal’s Control Tower. The picture of the paddlers waiting just before the sinking bridge was magnificent!

The calm scenery before the horn blow turned into a battlefield, just in seconds after. The massive number of paddles hitting the water made it like it was boiling and a huge “wave” of paddlers flooded to the entrance of the canal.

It was extortionary to see among the participants, young children with their parents, women and men of all ages, some experienced athletes but also beginners and amateurs, with only one thing in common… to have a great time!! .

At Posidonia, the western side of the canal, finish line was on the water just after the lock gate bridge of the canal. Every single paddler managed to finish the race, even if it was an athlete, amateur, child or adult.

Big winners of the race were Giorgos Fragos (NSP) and Konstantina Kontarini (Naish) in men and women accordingly.

Congratulations to winners in each category but mostly in everyone participated.

The Winners are:

14’0″ Men: 1st – Giorgos Fragos  |  2nd – Nikos Syrigos  |  3rd – Tasos Tsouris
14’0″ Men Master: 1st – Konstantinos Geralexis  |  2nd – Vassilis Kalabalikis  |  3rd – Stefanos Meletiou
14’0” Women: 1st – Konstantina Kontarini  |  2nd – Linda Schweiger  |  3rd – Dori Bathori
14’0” Young Men: 1st – Dimitris Doukas  |  2nd – Dimitris Nikolaidis  |  3rd – Giannis Tsohlas
14’0″ Young Women: 1st – Pigi Nikoloudaki  |  2nd – Ioanna polygenni  |  3rd – Mara Kanavou
12’6″ Men: 1st – Phaedon Doukas  |  2nd – Dimitris Soukoulis  |  3rd – Nikos Papadakis
12’6″ Master Men: 1st – Fanis Polychronopoylos  |  2nd – Stavros Parastatidis  |  3rd – Anastasios Shizas
12’6″ Women: 1st – Melina Topouzi  |  2nd – Evi Tsirou  |  3rd – Schneider Anette
12’6″ Young Men: 1st – Giorgos Kozanits  |  2nd – Nikos Simeonidis  |  3rd – Giorgos Kiritsis
FUN Men: 1st – Nikos Fragomanolakis  |  2nd – Kostas Theodoropoulos  |  3rd – Michalis Gikas
FUN Master Men: 1st – Tasos Tsonis  |  2nd – Giorgos Hatzis  |  3rd – Aggelos Paschodimas
FUN Women: 1st – Maria Klebetsani  |  2nd – Penny Tsaoutou  |  3rd – Giota Tsianeli
12’6″ Boys: 1st – Andreas Voulgaris  |  2nd – Petros Kontarinis  |  3rd – Spyros Monastiriotis
12’6″ Girls: 1st – Elina Nikolaidi  |  2nd – Georgia Vasiliou  |  3rd – Emma Schleicher
Team: 1st – Rennie/Swinsco  |  2nd – Veriyan/Dioudis/Horozidis/Karatsalos/Malapanis  |  3rd – Athanasiou/Zarkos/Ismael/Georgantasl/Ligas/Karaboulas